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The Defibtech Lifeline® View™ View features a video screen that shows you what to do in an emergency. Just one touch turns on the AED, lights up the interactive screen and a clear, calm voice tells you what to do.

The video screen shows you what to do with clear, easy to understand pictures and text so you can read it, see it and hear it. This means that it is easy to know what to do to help save a life, from preparing a patient and using the AED correctly, to performing CPR and rescue breathing.

Never Fear
The Defibtech Lifeline VIEW makes it easy for anyone from first responders to untrained bystanders to respond
confidently and appropriately during an emergency. This revolutionary life-saving device combines a sleek, user-friendly
design with military-grade specifications including the most proven biphasic waveform. It’s also the first and only
AED with a full-color interactive display that shows step-by-step videos for performing CPR, rescue breathing and
external defibrillation. You can also be confident that the device will be easy to maintain and rescue ready. The Lifeline™ VIEW provides clear guidance for using and maintaining the device. Additionally, it has been designed to support upgrades
and enhancements.

Rescue Ready
When sudden cardiac arrest strikes, your AED needs to be ready and you need to feel confident that it’s ready. The Defibtech Lifeline VIEW runs extensive self tests daily to ensure that it’s working properly and indicates ready status with a bright, easy to see flashing indicator. Most other AEDs only signal when there’s a problem leaving users to search for key pieces of information. The Defibtech Lifeline VIEW is different.With the touch of a button and without turning on the device itself a user can quickly check that the AED is rescue ready. The device instantly communicates the operational status of the AED, battery, and pads.

Show and Tell
Other AEDs tell you what they’re doing. The Lifeline VIEW, with its full-color, detailed, interactive videos, also shows you. It delivers clear text and corresponding videos that reinforce the voice instructions and aid comprehension—especially in noisy environments where voice prompts alone might be difficult to follow.

A Personal Coach
Using the Defibtech Lifeline VIEW is like having a personal coach at your side. It shows you videos on how to use the device from preparing the patient to opening and connecting the pads, applying the pads to the patient and delivering the shocks. It even walks you through the steps for effective CPR and rescue breathing. And it can show you any of those tasks as many times as you need to perform with absolute confidence.

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